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FEIN Stainless Tools

Rs 12_70set


The RS 12-70 E can be easily manoeuvred around tight curves and enables you to rework ready-fitted hand rails. With infinitely variable speed it’s ideal for sanding, satin-finishing and high-gloss polishing. And thanks to flexible sanding belts it adapts optimally to even the tightest pipe bends.

Stainless steel starter set for standard applications in pipe machining.


  • Effective sanding of welded seams thanks to optimum cutting speeds of the sanding belts.
  • Infinitely variable speed for sanding, satin-finishing and high-gloss polishing of ready-fitted hand rails.
  • Flexible sanding belts optimally adapt to even narrow pipe bends, creating surfaces without awkward transitions.
  • 360° peripheral sanding in just 2 steps.
  • Optional guide pulleys for narrow distances from the wall.
  • Restart protection.
  • Wide range of accessories.
  • Dustproof ball bearing.
  • Carbon brushes with self cut-off function.


Start set belt file for corners and edges in stainless steel machining.

Bf 10_280set

  • FEIN high-power motor for highly effective material removal and constant speed even at high loads.
  • Extremely easy to handle - tool-free, grinding arm can be swivelled 180°, tool-free belt installation and adjustment.
  • Start set with stepped and straight grinding arms for a variety of applications, ceramic grinding belts for effective machining of welded seams and fleece belts for finishing work in various widths.
  • Optimum belt speeds.
  • Perfect belt guidance.
  • Belt widths of between 3 and 20 mm.
  • Infinitely variable speed, ideal for protecting sensitive surfaces.
  • Soft start.
  • Restart protection.
  • H 07 industrial cable.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories available.

Ks 10-38e


Fillet weld sander for difficult-to-reach spots in metal constructions.

  • Flexible use thanks to drive head that can be swivelled without the need for tools.
  • Flat design for corners, angles and difficult-to-reach spots.
  • Long belt drive service life thanks to zero-maintenance tensioning system.
  • Spindle brake for quick tool changes.
  • Spark hood can be adjusted and removed without the need for tools.
  • Electronic speed setting.
  • Made in Germany quality.
  • H 07 industrial cable.
  • Soft start.
  • Restart protection.

Mshy 664_1


Straight grinder for rough grinding work.

  • Powerful straight grinder for tools of up to Ø 125 mm.
  • Clamping tools with flanges.
  • Can be extended into a belt sander with a band width of 30 or 50 mm using sanding arm.