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Graco Ecoquip EQS Elite

Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment




The EcoQuip2® EQM is a high-production; stand-alone unit that attaches to an Air Compressor.

It has a Blasting Pressure range from 25-175PSI.  This unit comes standard with an A-coat/Powder 6.5 cubic foot Blast Pot, Control Panel, Plumbing and Components, along with user-friendly controls.


This is all designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The EcoQuip2® Elite EQM uses standard 25mm x 480mm Blast hose and is supplied with Pneumatic Deadman Control and a blast nozzle.


Fifteen (15) Metres of Premium Blast Hose will be supplied including Deadman Hose, Deadman handle, Nozzle Holder, claw Coupler and Blast Nozzle.





Specifications and General Information

Wet Abrasive Blaster Operational Specifications Model EQs Elite


  • Stainless Steel Crash frame with forklift pockets and hose rack
  • Blast pressure ranging from 24-175 PSI (1.7-12.1 bar)
  • Pot size of 6.5 cubic ft. (184L) – holds approximately 16 x 25kg bags of media
  • Pneumatic Blast  Control
  • 20 Metres Blast Hose
  • Size 8 High Performance Blast Nozzle
  • Coated enclosure and water inlet regulator for hose connection
  • Polyethylene water tank
  • One (1) year product   warranty


Blast Vessel

A-Coat/Powder Blast Pot with a capacity of 6.5 Cubic feet (184 L)


Blast Pot Pressurization Pump

Graco Piston Pump used, water pressurizes the Blast Pot, Stainless Steel Fluid Section.


Blast Hose and Nozzle

Graco Blast Hose and high performance no 7 or 8 Blast Nozzle Supplied.

It is a noteworthy feature that due to the nature of the EcoQuip System, Blast Hoses and Blast Nozzles can last up to 6 times longer