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GRACO Ecoquip® Vapor Blasting unit complete with 185 CFM Diesel Compressor and Trailer


Syntech has carefully designed a trailer mounted Vapor Blast  system for you!

The trailer is conveniently configured with blasting in mind by the placement of the

Graco Ecoquip Vapor Blast System and compressor on a twin axled trailer.

This allows for ease of use  and  portability to onsite blasting jobs.

There is free space for your tool kit, blast hose and PPE equipment.

This is the ultimate mobile blasting system at a competitive price for sale or hire!

The best in Dustless Blasting Systems!



  • Consumes far less media than dry blasting
  • Eliminates up to 92% of airborne dust
  • A quick powerful alternatrive to dry blasting
  • Works on any substrate
  • Profiles surfaces for the best coat adhesion
  • Trailer is twin axle braked
  • Chicago Pneumatics 185 CFM Compressor
  • Ecoquip® unit comes complete with 20 metres blast hose and nozzle


  • Stainless Steel Crash Frame with forklift pockets and hose rack
  • Blast pressure ranging from 24-175 PSI (1.7-12.1 bar)
  • Pot size of 6.5 cubic ft. (184L) - holds approximately 16x 25kg bags of media
  • Pneumatic Blast Control
  • 20 metre Blast Hose
  • Size 8 High performance Blast Nozzle
  • Coated enclosure and water inlet regulator for hose connection
  • Polyethylene water tank
  • one (1) year product warranty

Package Weights

Based on Trailer, Compressor and Eco-quips EQS Elite

Net Weight: 1950kg approximately            Gross Weight: 2950kg approximately

Please note: it is important toensure when selectina towing vehicle it is rated to hand the above weights. 

Gross Weight can be reduced by reducing the water in the additional holding tank if required.

Further information available on request.


Call 0800 Syntech about hire or purchase of our

Graco Ecoquip® Trailer unit!