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Pressure Sand Blast Cabinet


PB 1200 Pressure Blast Cabinet

The PB 1200 is a Pressure Sand Blast Cabinet where the design combines the advantages of pressurised compressed air via sand blast pot for efficient and simple operating technique with standard mesh media.

It comes complete with the following items, ready to be connected to your source of dry oil free compressed air.


  • Blast Hose and Tungsten Nozzle
  • Blast Gloves
  • Viewing Window
  • Foot Pedal
  • Reverse Pulse Dust Collector 500 CFM
  • Cabinet Light
  • Side opening door with safety door interlock
  • 20 litre Sand Blast Pot

Cabinet Dimensions: 1200mm wide x900 mm deep

Blast Nozzle AT-4
Nozzles holder BMS-BBBHO-34
Blast Cabinet Window BMS-5072
Gloves (pair) 11 inch GLO-11
Filter Cartridge Dust Collector FCOOE
Georgian Wire Glass BMS-GWG
Cabinet Light ABS-LIGHT
Blast Hose HOS-PH19x34
Air-hose HOS-AH-12.5
Fine Mesh Tray BMS-CWSF12x19
Sealing Band SB-ABP

PB 1500 Pressure Blast Cabinet

The PB 1500 is a large specialty built pressure sand blast cabinet which combines all the sand blast features of the PB 1200 cabinet to a larger scale.

Cabinet Dimensions: 1500mm wide x 1200 mm deep

Pb 1500     Pb 1500_2