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ShotMeter G3 - Particle Velocity Sensor

Shotmeter -G-3eProgressive Surface & Tecnar Automation are proud to introduce the ShotMeter G3, an improved third generation industrial sensor specifically developed and optimized for monitoring shotpeening and grit blasting processes.

This low-cost & rugged technology enables real-time measurement of shot/grit velocity for process development as well as troubleshooting activities. Measured parameters are continuously recorded as a function of time in a strip chart format, and data is archived for easy retrieval either from within the ShotMeterOS software, or using your preferred spreadsheet software.

The system is comprised of a urethane covered sensor head, control box, cables and a portable laptop computer. Since the unit is portable, it can be set up and running in about 20 minutes.

System Features and Benefits


  • Small sensor head - 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
  • Includes laptop with software pre-loaded
  • Non-laser based measurement technique (no safety issues involved)
  • Velocity at better than 1% precision
  • Built-in TCP-IP protocol for remote control & feedback
  • Sensor Head Mounting Bracket and Tripod
  • Portable Storage/Carry on Case
  • CE approved


  • Machine mounted and integrated with PRIMS Pro process monitoring software