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Almen Gauges


Advanced Almen Gage

Precision crafted in the USA, the Electronics Inc. Advanced Almen gage continues to be the finest gage on the market. It has all the features needed to satisfy all of the requirements of SAE J 442 and AMS 2430.

  • Easy-to-read display. Our gage has a large digital display that is English/metric convertible and can be rotated so you can perform the Almen strip tests standing or sitting.
  • Patented magnetic grip and foolproof end stops. The strip is mounted for accurate measurement so no spring or finger holding force will corrupt the reading accuracy. Since all of the holding force is concentrated at the support balls, absolutely no strip distortion can occur. (U.S. Patent No. 5,297,418) Our end stops assure placement within the intended measuring point on the strip.
  • .0001'' (.001 mm) resolution. Meets SAE and aerospace specifications including SAE J 442 and AMS 2430.
  • SPC data port. It’s standard on every gage to allow direct data transfer to your computer.
  • Computer Interface Device that connects gage to computer USB port. (Available as an accessory)
  • Convenient battery replacement. The battery is easy-to-change and readily available. The gage will not lose information when you change the battery so there is no need to recalibrate the gage after battery replacement.
  • One-year warranty and continued product support.
  • "Certificate of Calibration" to J442 included
    • qualifies to SAE AMS 2432C and Boeing BAC 5730.
    • also qualifies to AMS 2430 which requires use of the end stops on the #2 Almen gage

Gage Calibration Services - Almen Gages should be calibrated annually to assure proper performance. We can perform all the necessary measurements to ensure compliance to standard or special Almen gage requirements...

Gage Calibration Blocks - Calibrate your gages in-house with our calibration kits (individual blocks are available, too.) 

Almen Gage Jr

AlmengagejrIf you don't need the high precision of a digital gage, we offer the Almen Gage Jr. in an analog style that's ideal for general purpose shot peening and blast cleaning.

The small size and light weight of the Almen Gage Jr. (4" tall and less than 1/2 lb. in weight) make it convenient for operators to use anywhere. The Almen Gage Jr. has a 1 3/4" dial indicator with .0005 graduations for easy reading of the Almen strip arc height.

The Almen Gage Jr. also has many of the same features of the Advanced Almen Gage including:

  • Precision Machining 
  • Durable Hardcoat Finish
  • Patented Magnetic Grip 
  • Stem-Mounted Indicator
  • MIL-S-13165 Compliant

Note: Almen Gage Jr cannot qualify for SAE J 442 since it does not have a digital indicator with 0.0001" resolution. Further, it does not quallify to AMS 2430 because it does not have the endstops.

Mini-Strip Almen Gage

MinistripalmengageThe patent-pending TSP-M Almen gage for the mini-strip has many of the quality features of the EI Advanced Almen gage but the Almen strip platform has been designed to accommodate the smaller and lighter strip. Features include:

  • Digital Accuracy
  • Flat Check Block
  • Adjustable Magnetic Grip
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Inch/Metric Convertible
  • Data Port Output
  • Convenient Battery Replacement

NC-11 Aero-Almen Gage

Precision crafted in the USA, the Electronics Inc. Advanced Aero-Almen Gage is the finest gage on the market for the measurement of the aluminum Aero-Almen intensity test strip. The Aero-Almen gage is designed to meet all of the requirements of MEO A1116D. Additional features include:

NC11aeroalmengageNoncontact capacitive sensor. The non-contact technology sensor ensures accurate arc height readings. Aero-Almen strips are very thin (0.031”) and are sensitive to bending. Spring forces from standard dial gage indicators can result in deflection. In addition, dial gage indicators may accumulate dust and contamination which increases the friction and force required to operate. This will lead to distorted readings.

Easy-to-read display. Large English/Metric convertible digital display.

Resolution. Inch mode resolution is 0.0001” and metric mode is 0.001 mm.

Zero block. A flat zero block is supplied with the gage to set the zero datum plane.

Calibration block. An optional NIST-certified calibration step block (U.S. Patent 5,780,714) is available for full-scale calibration.

One-year warranty and continued product support. Electronics Inc. provides technical support and calibration/repair services.

CE-rated power supply for 24 Vdc operation. The power supply operates from 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hertz and supplies at least 50mA current to the gage.

Use Electronics Inc. premium grade Aero-Almen aluminum strips with your Aero-Almen gage.

J442 Almen Strip Holder Flatness Gage

J442almenstripholderflatnessgageThe J442 Almen Strip Holder Flatness Gage is a convenient and accurate tool for measuring the flatness of an Almen strip holder while the holder is attached to the test fixture. Additional features include:

  • Easy-to-use two-piece design
  • Assures compliance to SAE J442
  • Easy-to-read dial indicator with .01 mm resolution
  • Unique from design confirms correct location of the Almen holder's screws

The testing procedure is accomplished in three steps:

1. Attach the flatness checker’s frame to the Almen strip holder with the four supplied screws. (Note: Attaching the frame will verify the accuracy of the holder’s screw locations. If the flatness checker’s frame can be attached to the holder, the holder’s hole locations are within tolerance as required by SAE J442. (Nadcap also requires this compliance to SAE J442.)

2. Place the dial indicator on the frame and traverse the length and width of the frame.

3. Observe the indicator reading. If it is within ±0.1 mm, the flatness of the holder’s surface is in compliance to SAE J442.