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Mechanical Sand Blast Recovery System

Entry Level


  • Bucket Elevator incorporating base media loading hopper and top mounted media air-wash
  • Reverse Pulse dust collector for separating dust as the media passes through the air-wash
  • In-line media storage hopper to increase operator blasting time by having a large continuous flow of abrasive.
  • Optional Blast Pots can be installed from 174 litre blast pot to 40 litres

The Syntech entry level mechanical media Recovery System is designed to be set-up as a stand alone set-up or can be integrated within a blast booth.

To recycle the media, the operator processes the media into the loading hopper where it is transferred via the elevator through the air-wash where the media is air-screened. From there the media is stored in the in-line storage hopper for re-charging of the blast pot for continuous blasting.


  • Heavy Duty Belt
  • Pressed Steel Buckets
  • Media Air-wash system
  • Interfaces with  500 CFM self cleaning Dust Collector
  • Elevators  available in 3,4 and 5 metre heights
  • Can be floor mounted or flush mounted in a pit
  • Single phase motors for elevator and dust collector