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Ceramic Bead

CeramicbeadCeramic bead is a spherical blasting and peening media produced by the fusion of oxides at a very high temperature. Ceramic bead is extremely tough, high impact properties coupled with good hardness, ensuring consistent peening intensities and surface finishes.


  • Removal of carbon deposits and other impurities from glass making and rubber tire moulds, without damaging the surface or critical edges
  • Deburring thin gaskets
  • Shot peening ferrous and non ferous items includidng aircraft engine blades, turbines etc. Internal and external thread peening
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and surface finishing of fabricated stainless steel items for food and pharmaceutical industries. Medical implant and instrument surface finishing

Ceramic beads can be used in Air Blast and Wet Blast system plus Turbine Shot Blast equipment.


 Sizes Available Nominal Size Range (microns)
 B20 600-850
 B30 425-600
 B40 250-425
 B60 125-250
 B120 70-125
 B125  0-125
 B205  0-70