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Lubrication Equipment

 Yamada KPL-24 Grease PumpYAMADA

The KPL-24 is an electrically powered grease lubricator specifically designed for use on

heavy construction machinery. It is powered directly by the internal DC 24V batteries standard in most construction machines.

The KPL-24 is compact, sturdy and provides maximum portability on any work site especially where there may be no other readily available power sources. It is designed to fit onto any standard 18-liter grease pail. It has a high discharge pressure and is capable of pumping grease of various viscosities.

A variety of accessories are available including different length hoses, power cords, reels and metering devices.

This makes the KPL-24 a very efficient and flexible option for every work site.

Part NumberProduct nameVolume outputPressure ouputPover SourceWeightSupplied Accessories
YAM-KPL24 KPL-24 80-120 l/min 28MPa (280kgf/cm2) DC 24V
12 kg  High Pressure Gun
 Follower Plate
Power cord 2.5 Meters

Depending on the size of the vehicle, specific length hoses and power cables may be required. Please make sure that you choose the correct accessories suited to your particular vehicle. Heavy-duty reels and high-pressure hoses are also available.


Optional Accessories

Lubricator accessories

HP grease hose                          digger2
3/8'' 10 meters

Hose reel
3/8'' 15 meters

Hose reel
3/8'' 10 meters

Power cable

Dolly S-20

Caster KPL-55C

yamada on digger

There are many Yamada Lubrication pumps and accessories available Request a brochure from