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GarnetThe high specific gravity and tough, durable grains allow reduced material usage at minimum levels. Many users recycle the hard almandine grain for added benefit.

The main uses are

  • Water Filtration Media
  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • High temperature Gravel for Deep Oil Wells
  • Water-jet Cutting Abrasives

It is ideal for corrosion control and rust cleaning.

When used with the appropriate profile measuring tools provides the surface finish for Surface Coating Applications.

From fine, medium to coarse grades
GRADE - A 12-20 Mesh Size
GRADE - B 20-40 Mesh Size
GRADE - C 30-60 Mesh Size
GRADE - 80 (D) 80 Mesh Size
GRADE - 120 (E) 120 mesh upon request

Material Safety Data sheets available on Request

This is a guideline only - Sieve sizing may differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Other sizing available upon request.