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Inspectview 20/20

InspectView 20/20 FeaturesThe InspectView™ 20/20 camera is a portable visual inspection camera that provides unparalleled accessibility for hard to reach areas.


InspectView™ is a portable visual inspection digital camera that is affordable, easy to use, and provides outstanding performance.

The InspectView™ Camera easily fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to take quality pictures and videos of your inspection piece. 

These files can quickly be transferred to your computer via a USB port and used in reports for clients or management.

Weighing only 14 oz. (397 g), the inspectView™ camera is truly portable. It provides unparalleled accessibility for hard to reach areas with its very small 0.228” (5.8 mm) diameter head. 

Four variable brightness LEDs are integrated into the head for easy adjustment of the lighting. 

View the images on the 3.5” extra wide TFT display and store thousands of photos and videos on the 1 Gygabyte memory card.

The high performance lithium Polymer battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous recording for outstanding autonomy.


- Small 0.228” (5.8 mm) diameter head

- Long 39″ (1m) insertion probe

– Oil and scratch resistant head

- Weighs only 14 oz. (397 g)

- Four variable brightness LEDs

- 3.5” extra wide TFT display

- 4 hrs of continuous operation

- Save files on 1 Gb SD Card

- USB Transfer of Files to PC

- Sturdy Case Included

- Easy to use

- Affordable




Accessories for the InspectView™ 20/20 camera

- InspectViewTM 10X Magnifying tip

- InspectViewTM 20X Magnifying tip

- InspectViewTM 30X Magnifying tip

- InspectViewTM 35 degree mirror tip

- InspectViewTM 45 degree mirror tip

- InspectViewTM 60 degree mirror tip

- Magnetic tip to retrieve metallic items

- InspectViewTM probe cable 100cm

- InspectViewTM probe cable 200cm

- InspectViewTM probe cable 300cm

- InspectViewTM probe cable 500cm

- InspectViewTM probe cable 1000cm

- InspectViewTM probe cable 2000cm

- InspectViewTM probe cable 3000cm


InspectView 20/20 Features 




Pictures from InspectView™ 20/20 Camera with magnifying tip. Great for inspecting shot peening coverage and media.

10x                  20x                  30x


On-Aircraft inspection will save you time and money