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Plastic Media

PlasticAvailable in melamine, urea, acrylic and clear-cut in a variety of mesh sizing to suit a number of industrial jobs.

Access to military specification media offered upon request.


  • Aircraft - supersized carriers, helicopters, single engine planes and aircraft components
  • Trucks, trailers, vans, cars, railcars, motor homes, buses, subways, bulk tankers.
  • Bridges and other structures
  • Engine parts, turbine blades
  • Encapsulated electronic components
  • Plastic molded parts
  • Composites and soft metals
  • Production lines - surface preparation, cleaning, defect correction
  • Re-manufacturing - compressors, engines, meters, telephones,
  • Traffic lights


  • Non Toxic
  • No chemical solvents
  • No damage to finished surfaces
  • Consistent specific gravity
  • Recycles over again
  • Long lasting material