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Stainless Grittal

StainlessgritGRITTAL was developed as an alternative to mineral grit abrasives and fulfills all requirements concerning blasting performance and a corrosion-free surface finish.

GRITTAL offers additional clear economical and evironmental advantages. The extremely high durability of this rust-free stainless steel grit reduces the amount of abrasive consumption by a factor of 20 -100 and thereby also minimizes the amount of waste that is generated.

The durability of GRITTAL results in a consistent work mix, constant roughness values and guarantees a quality adhesion for an ensuing coating.

GRITTAL's dust-free characteristic allows for excellent vision while blasting and helps to better control the blast process.

GRITTAL is succesfully used in centrifugal wheel blast machines and Blast Booths.

Areas of Application:

Blast cleaning, de-burring, surface preparation prior to coating, brush blasting of hot-dipped galvanized structures, stone cutting in gang saws.

  • All types of aluminum castings and forgings
  • Zinc pressure die castings
  • Non-ferrous metals and special alloys
  • Stainless steel castings and forgings
  • Stainless steel equipment fabrication
  • Granite and stone industry

GRITTAL offers the folowing advantages:

  • Greater durability
  • Lower blasting times
  • Brighter finish
  • Rust-free surfaces
  • Grittal can be used in centrifugal wheel machines as well as air blast systems
  • Lower waste disposal costs

Success with GRITTAL: Shot blasting of tank containers per year

 Aluminum oxideGRITTAL
Intial Charge 6000 kg 9000 kg
Consumption p.a. 175 000 kg 5000 kg
Abrasive costs Ο 96 250.00 Ο 40000.00
Containers produced p.a. 3530 3530
Consumption -50kg/container -1.4kg/container
Waste disposal costs   82 % less
Maintenance costs   72 % less
Blasting time 70min./container 50min./container
Nozzle life time - 1 month - 4 month

Rust-proof angular chromium alloy

Chemical Analysis: C - 2%, Cr - 30%,
Microstructure: Martensitic with chromium carbides
GRITTAL GH - 750 HV (-62 HRC)
hardened and crushed (patented process)
GRITTAL GM - 640 HV (-56 HRC), crushed
Bulk density: - 4.1 g/cm3(-256lbs/ft3)


Packed in convenient 25kg bags