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Aluminium Oxide

AluminiumoxideThe fused bauxite is crushed, screened, washed, tempered, baked or roasted to improve its hardness to make the final product.

Aluminium Oxide is a very versatile blasting medium and as a etching abrasive is available in a very variety of sizes from coarse to fine.

Brown Oxide is most frequently used but white oxide is available in some micron sizes offered.

Aluminium Oxide blasting grains may be used wet or dry on: wood, metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, rubber, stone and other materials to remove: scale, rust, paint and burrs; to clean, cut, polish and etch surfaces.

Aluminium Oxide grains are also used in non-slip applications on runways, flight decks, and stair treads, walkways, parking ramps and boat launching ramps.


Grit NoNominal Grit (in Microns)
F8 2830-2000
F16 1410-1000
F24 841-595
F36 595-420
F46 420-297
F60 297-210
F80 210-149
F100 149-105
F120 125-88
F150 105-63
F180 88-53
F220 74-44


Grit NoNominal Grit (in Microns)
F240 46.5-42.5
F280 38-35
F320 30.7-27.7
F360 24.3-21.3
F400 18.3-16.3
F500 13.8-11.8
F600 10.3-8.3