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  • Easy reach rinse and air blow-off gun attachedvapormatt puma black and white
  • Highly customized with a range of options
  • User Friendly design  for comfortable processing
  • Rugged construction from Stainless Steel
  • Small compact machine footprint
  • Dust cleaning fine surface cleaning                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       vapormatt puma wheel






Options include

  • Swing out arm with wheel jig
  • Swing out turntable for ease of access
  • Turntable within the machine
  • Standard Cabinet


vapormatt front drawingvapormatt side drawing




Ergonomically designed with a working area of W1150xD700XH1200mm and powerd by a 1.1kW pump.Sturdy construction froma 2mm stainless steel cabinet and 3mm stianless sump, makes the Vapormatt Puma® manual wet blasting system, thats a diverse that's designed for heavy and economical use. Fittd with the Vapormatt® MK3 10mm Blast gun and iar blow-off nozzle and reciruclated water syste with a diaphragm pump.

vapormatt puma inside cabvapormatt wheel jig



 A front loading swing door (safety lock) allows the operator easy access to the swing arm jig to assist with loading and unloading, the jig features a 48mm shaft over which a wheel can be located. The back of the wheel rests up against x4 round bars and is free to rotate around the central shaft which inclines backwards




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