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Glass Bead

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Syntech works with Potters Industries to distribute Ballotini Impact Blasting Beads for a number of sandblasting applications.

Modern metalworking demands efficiency, quality and reproducible results.

Glass sandblasting beads have become the leading fine abrasive, in the impact sandblasting process, for cleaning, finishing and shot peening.

The unique characteristic of glass beads sandblasting is that the surfaces are cleaned, deburred, decorated and "cold worked" without imparting ferrous or other undesirable residues.

Syntech and Potters strive to ensure consistent quality and adherence to Global industry specifications. Every tonne of Potter Ballotini impact sandblasting beads is laboratory tested, to ensure that these standards are consistently achieved.

Potters is the market leader of engineered glass materials. Potters serve the Oil and Gas Industry, highway safety, polymer additive, Sand-blasting metal finishing and conductive particle markets.

Through research and development, Potters has developed products that include hollow glass microspheres used as weight-reducing fillers in plastics, automotive body putties, adhesive extenders and painting and coating formulations.

Syntech and Potters work together to produce a range of products that suit New Zealand industry applications.

Ballotini Glass Bead

BALLOTINI®  Glass Bead Microspheres are used for precise metal finishing of parts. They offer an environmentally safe and cost effective method for metal surface cleaning and finishing.

Performance Benefits

For metal cleaning, finishing, peening and deburring.

  • Rapid results: clean, finish, peen and deburr in one easy step
  • Controlled results: clean finish without significant metal removal or changing tolerances
  • Versatile: create a wide range of reproducible surface finishes
  • Economical: can be recycled/reused many times
  • Chemically inert: no ferrous or other residues
  • Potters Industry Leader: over 90 years experience
  • Syntech Industry Distributor: over 25 years experience


 Impact Sand-Blasting Glass Beads - Proprietary Grades


*Sieve (in Micr)Sieve (in Inch)U.S Sieve% Spheres Grit
A 850-600 .0331-0.234 20-30 65 Coarse
B 600-425 .0234-.0165 30-40 65
C 425-250 .0165-.0098 40-60 75
*D 300-212 .0117-.0083 50-70 75
*AA 425-212 .0165-.0083 40-70 70
AB 300-180 .0117-.0070 50-80 70
AC 250-150 .0098-.0059 60-100 80
AD 212-106 .0083-.0041 70-140 80
AE 150-90 .0059-.0035 100-170 85
*AG 106-53 .0041-.0021 140-270 85
AH 90-44 .0035-.0017 17-325 85
*AI -53 or finer -.002 -270 85 Fine
INDA 300-106 .0117-.0041 50-140   Medium

*Available ex manufacturer only, not held in stock.

Information on Mil-spec Glass Bead (military specification)available upon request.

"World Leaders in Glass Bead Technology"

Potters respects the environment by recycling over one billion pounds of glass each year.

 Packed in convenient 25kg bags