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Film Application and Test Charts

Film _application _and _test _chartsAn essential machine for preparing a wide variety of product samples including paint, varnish, cosmetics, glue, etc. with total consistency and reproducibility on various substrates including contrast charts, sheet steel, plastic foils and glass. All Elcometer 4340 models have 11 pre-set speeds and adjustable stroke length with quick release system.

  • Ideal for testing paint, varnish, cosmetics, glue etc.
  • 11 preset transverse speeds, from 0.5-10cm per second
  • Sample temperature control option
  • High quality samples produced for highly reliable laboratory testing
  • Smooth aluminium table - much smoother than glass - for better repeatability
  • Can be used with Elcometer Film applicators
  • Wide range of standard and high precision perforated and channelled vacuum tables
  • Adjustable travel carriage with "stop" at end of travel